The Lucenxia experience is a personal one. With a low nurse-to-patient ratio, personal home visits and one-to-one training, every aspect of the treatment places the patient firmly in the center. By providing a suite of services ranging from nursing to technical, administrative to logistics as well as a 24/7 help centre, patient assurance is priority.


Recognized and certified by the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, we have a proven track record of serving patients all across Sri Lanka – most of the time in hard to reach locations that are far from any available medical institution. Deliveries of consumables are done on time, every month with scheduled visits by certified healthcare professionals to ensure that the patient treatment is compliant with international health and safety standards. We are accredited locally and globally with GDPMD, MDA, MQS, SIRIM and ISO certification.


We focus on you so you can focus on life. Our dedicated team will guide and assist the patient throughout the entire journey right from consultation to registration and stock deliveries to home assessment visits and training. Reliability, efficiency and simplicity is what we provide to our patients. Lucenxia Intellis APD – the first automated peritoneal dialysis treatment at home in Sri Lanka.