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Elderly Patient In Wheelchair And Caregiver

Dialysis at Home

The Lucenxia experience is a personal one. With a low nurse-to-patient ratio, personal home visits and one-to-one training, every aspect of the treatment places the patient firmly in the center. By providing a suite of services ranging from nursing to technical, administrative to logistics as well as a 24/7 help centre, patient assurance is priority.

Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD is a health problem that happens when the kidneys ceases to perform its natural function of filtering waste and toxic materials from the body. Typical symptoms include swelling of the ankles, feet or hands due to water retention, shortness of breath, tiredness, an increased need to pee and in later stages, dark yellow urine or blood in your urine.

1 in 5 Thai adults aged 35 and above are affected by CKD but only 1 in 54 know they have CKD. Age, gender, hypertension, a history of kidney stones and a heavy reliance on traditional and herbal medicine as well as a rich diet are just some of the most common factors that contribute towards CKD in Thailand. 

Patients who require dialysis often opt for haemodialysis (HD) but this treatment requires 4 visits to the hospital per week for treatment with each session taking up to 6 hours. More often than not, patients must travel to another district to find a hospital with HD facilities. The time, energy and costs involved in this repetitious treatment is onerous enough for patients living conveniently in urban cities but is a major challenge for those living in urban areas. 

With this in mind and in adopting a PD-First Policy, Thailand has been widely praised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is a model nation amongst the international community for its peritoneal dialysis program. Together with the National Health Security Office (NHSO) and the beneficence of the King, Thai patients have access to the best dialysis treatment no matter who they are, where they are and at an affordable cost.

With these 3 values in mind, Lucenxia TH is also offering the best dialysis treatment in both the automated and manual modalities. 

  • CAPD is treatment at your convenience

  • Treatment at home or at work

  • Treatment on the go at any hospital with a CAPD Unit.

  • Freedom of travel

treatment totality
  • Fully automated treatment system

  • Treatment while you sleep

  • Total freedom to perform daily tasks

  • Remote monitoring by a team of professional nurse, technicians and nephrologists. 

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