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Equality and Egality – Accessible treatment for All.

Lucenxia is associated to Lucenxia Prescience AG, a Swiss company at the forefront of dialysis technology. 

Our automated PD cycler, INTELLIS™ was among the first APD cyclers which featured a large touch screen that was introduced to Asia. One of the unique features of INTELLIS™ is its ability to provide step-by-step voice guidance to PD patients in their preferred local language.  INTELLIS™ was designed with a wireless remote monitoring system called the Patient Care Management System (PCM). Every cycler is equipped with a secure two-way communication system that allows daily reports of the patient to be sent to the healthcare provider. This feature also allows for a prescription change without requiring the patient to be present at the hospital or clinic. 

Innovation is one of the core values that we embrace and constantly work on. With a strong team of R&D engineers, we believe that we have only just arrived at the beginning of our journey.

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