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Dialysis can be a new and challenging experience to many especially those with active lifestyles and those living in rural areas or remote villages. While the routine of dialysis may restrict one’s usual lifestyle, here at Lucenxia we strive to bring normality back whilst providing a better quality of life. 

We are a leading producer for peritoneal dialysis cyclers and solutions with a capacity to produce, distribute and serve more than 60,000 patients. With a dedicated and professional team of nurses, technicians and round-the-clock help centre, we bring you better treatment with a global standard at a local price.


The Lucenxia experience is a personal one. With a low nurse-to-patient ratio, personal home visits and one-to-one training, every aspect of the treatment places the patient firmly in the center. By providing a suite of services ranging from nursing to technical, administrative to logistics as well as a 24/7 help centre, patient assurance is priority.


Recognized and certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Malaysian Society of Nephrology and the National Kidney Foundation, we have gained accolades of certifications and adhered to strict compliance in researching and conducting trials to ensure that our products and services are accredited locally and globally. We are GDPMD, MDA, QMS, SIRIM and ISO certified.


We focus on you so you can focus on life. Our dedicated team will guide and assist the patient throughout the entire journey right from consultation to registration and stock deliveries to home training. Reliability, efficiency and simplicity is what we provide to our patients. 

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