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Home Nurse Making Bed

A nurse will conduct a home assessment visit (HAV) to identify the best spaces most suitable for PD treatment. A clean, well-lit room or space that can be closed off and is free from pets would be the best. You will also need space to store the PD solutions that will be delivered to you each month. Dust, moisture and other contaminants are the biggest risk and our nurses will be on hand to help you mitigate these risks.  


You will need a space in your home that is clean and dry, where you can perform your PD treatment. If you are performing APD, this will be your bedroom as the automated dialysis process takes place when you sleep. If you are performing CAPD, you can choose any room that you are comfortable in your home, workplace or other location where you will spend your time. The room you choose must be free of pets and plants and must be kept clean and dry. Contact Lucenxia PD nurse to do assessment on the treatment space before you begin your home PD treatment. 

You will also need a storage space in their home to keep the PD supplies. The storage space should be clean, dry and easy for you to access. Supplies are usually delivered to your home once a month, and each delivery may include many boxes. Talk to a Lucenxia PD nurse to schedule a training and to learn more about the PD supplies you need to expect for your home PD treatment. 

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