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Budi travels from Blangkejeren Aceh to Banda Aceh, for his dialysis treatments. The travel distance is approximately 450km and covers mountainous roads through the deep and wild jungles of Aceh, leading up to the coastal roads along Padang and Leupung. On the normal days he will get a seat on the bus, a 15-hour ride sandwiched between workers and travellers alike. On the lucky days, he gets a seat on the communal van and shaves 5 hours off the travel time to Banda Aceh – but at twice the cost. Once in Bandar Aceh, he extends his life by a 4-hour dialysis session where waste and toxins are removed from his blood. He then takes the same trip back to his family home, exhausted and drained from the treatment and repeats the same habit several times a week. He is often than not, more worn out by the travelling than the treatment itself and spends more money travelling than the cost of treatment itself. 

So why home-based dialysis? To skip the above and receive treatment at the comfort of your own home.


1)    No out of pocket expenses
2)    No need to spend hours travelling to a dialysis centre or hospital
3)    Ability to have a full-time job and for other activities during the day
4)    PD Supplies delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you live
5)    Equal and accessible treatment for all



1)    Needle-free treatments
2)    Fewer dietary restrictions
3)    Ability to perform dialysis while at home or at work
4)    No risk of blood borne contagions such as Hepatitis 
5)    Recognized to be more efficient by JKN and HITAP

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