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Our professionally trained nurses will conduct an initial HAV or Home Assessment Visit. This is done to assist the patient in preparing a space at home that can be used for treatment. This space or room must adhere to cleanliness levels that will result in a safe and compliant treatment for the patient. 

The nurse will also assist in mitigating risks such as mould or fungus growth, over humidity, areas prone to dust as well as other airborne particles and contaminants. They will also identify the best places that are cool, dry and free from dust particles, plants and pets to ensure a completely safe zone for treatment. 

You will also need some storage space in your home to store the PD supplies that will be used throughout the month. This space must be cool, dry and well ventilated. The boxes delivered each month containing the solutions and other consumables must be stored on wooden palettes, to ensure that there is space between the boxes and the ground. All of this will be provided by our logistics partners during the first delivery. 

For the APD treatment, your bedroom or a separate treatment room will be the best as treatment is done during sleep. For CAPD, a small space at home or at work can be setup for treatment. While some patients may have additional resources to spend on renovation works, for others it’s not as necessary. Our nurses will be on hand to assist you in finding the right balance between meeting the stringent requirements of treatment space whilst not having to break the bank.

Home Nurse Making Bed
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